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The B-Raters vs.

The B-Raters vs.

Are you in the House Alone?

Beyond the Bermuda Triangle

Black Cobra

Black Cobra 2

Black Cobra 3
The B-Raters vs. Scream Bloody Murder
The B-Raters vs. Scream Bloody Murder

Bloody Wednesday (LIVE)

Bruce is Loose, aka Green Dragon Inn

The Cannibals

Cheerleader Massacre

Cheerleader Massacre 2
Count Dracula's Great Love

 Devil's Daughter

Don't Look in the Basement, aka The Forgotten

Frankenstein's Daughter

Glory Stompers

Grave of the Vampire

The Devil of the Desert Against the Sons of Hercules

 The Mole Men vs. The Sons of Hercules

 Hercules vs. The Tyrants of Babylon

Kung-Fu Fever

Lady Frankenstein
vs. Sleepaway Camp

The Moment After 1

Murder on Flight 502

 The Navy Way


Sorority House Massacre

Sorority House Massacre 2

Starman: Attack from Space

 Two Graves to Kung-Fu

War of the Robots

White Zombie


Frankenstein: The Movie

Attack of the Monsters (Gamera vs. Guiron)

Mesa of Lost Women

Blood Beach

April Fool's Day

Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge

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